Thursday, July 12, 2007

13 Neurotic Things about Me or 13 Reasons Why I'm Not Married (TT #22)

1. I have an irrational fear of running out of toilet paper (I've mentioned this before.) I can't go to the store without thinking, "You know, I should probably pick up some toilet paper to have as an emergency backup in case I run out!" Then I remember that I already have an emergency 4-pack in the trunk of my car.

2. I live with the knowledge that every object is a possible spider haven. I don't touch anything (especially anything that hasn't been moved in awhile) without poking at it, kicking it, stomping it, or otherwise "de-spidering" it in some way.

3. I hate for my face to be touched.

4. I hate for my feet to be touched or for anyone's feet to touch me.

5. Every time I draw back the shower curtain,I have a fear that there will be a body hanging there. This is because of that scene in the movie "Girl Interrupted". This is an example of why I cannot watch scary movies. And that wasn't even a scary movie. I'm just sensitive like that.

6. I have a similar fear that I'll stand up after washing my face at the bathroom sink and see someone's reflection behind me. This is also the result of having seen this in a movie.

7. I can't stand to see peoples' drinking glasses on the floor. I cannot express to you how insane this makes me. That's just begging someone to kick the glass over and spill whatever's inside. It doesn't matter if I see this at someone else's house/on someone else's carpet. It's a struggle not to pick it up and put it in a more secure location.

8. Before I start a book, I put a bunch of post-it tabs inside of the front cover of the book. As I'm reading the book, when I come across a passage or quote that I like,I mark it with one of the post-it tabs. That's fine and good until I forget to put the tabs in the front of the book. Actually, that's why I'm writing this. I would be reading except I don't have any tabs with me to mark quotes.

9. I won't drink milk on its expiration date. Sometimes, I won't drink it a few days before the expiration date. See #11.

10. I typically don't take vitamins because they're all so huge and I'm afraid they'll make me gag. I also won't let a doctor put a tongue depressor in my mouth for fear of gagging. See #11.

11. I have an irrational fear of throwing up.

12. Not having a map or detailed directions to a location I'm unfamiliar with sends me over the edge. I have a terrible sense of direction and I feel panicky if I don't know where I am.

13. When I'm cooking something, I like to follow the recipe exactly. It makes me nuts if the particular measuring cup I need for something is dirty or otherwise missing in action. I'm not a good enough cook to improvise.

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Blogaritaville, USA said...

Being afraid of running out of toilet paper is not a bad thing. I should have this fear since I run out regularly and, because I hate stopping at the store on the way home from work, have swiped a roll or two (or 10) from my office building.

Buck Naked Politics (Damozel) said...

I've had the one about thinking I'll see someone behind me...or in the reflection of the bathtub when I wash it out. It happened in a Michelle Pfeiffer movie I saw called "What Lies Beneath."

Crimson Wife said...

Great idea for a TT! I'll have to borrow this one some week (giving you the proper credit of course!)

Pamela said...

you should have your own sitcom

Nicholas said...

At least you don't have the fear of looking out of your bedroom window at three o'clock in the morning and seeing someone grinning back at you!

Robin said...

I just knocked over a glass of water that was on the floor yesterday. And, it was my own, so I certainly should have known it was there!

elisheva said...

You are not alone....

Mercy's Maid said...


I don't have that fear because I keep all of the blinds closed at night. :) That would definitely cross my mind if they were open.

mary said...

You see, this is why we're friends. We're the same brand of crazy. :) Miss you!

Suprina said...

Great TT!

Christine said...

I agree with you with regards to spiders; I truly think they lurk and hide in places we normally never think of.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kai said...

You're not alone with the recipe thing. If it told me to put Tabasco sauce in a cake, I'd do it. Because it said so. :-)

My daughter is with you on #11 - she's 13 and will still cry in terror when her younger sister gets car sick. Or even HINTS that she MAY get sick. Of course, being a bratty younger sister she frequently does this solely for her own amusement! hehe

Cindy Swanson said...

I've got several of these as not being able to buy a magazine from the front of the rack! :)

Have you ever watched "Monk"? I think you and he would get along fine!

Oh, and my shower curtain fear comes from "Psycho."

Scribbit said...

These are (ahem) interesting :)

Maybe you should cut back on the horror movies, heh?

But some of these are also kind of funny :)

Leah said...

Very neurotic indeed! borderline being OC.

I suggest to stop watching scary movies and switch to comedies instead.

Being touched is a personal thing, when the right one comes along, I'm sure you wouldnt mind.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY do that post-it note thing when I read. Used to drive my brother crazy.