Monday, June 04, 2007

I Have Nothing More to Say to You

Looks like Mercy won't get to get her "headgear" removed until Wednesday. I have too much going on Tuesday to leave work and gather her up and take her to the vet. I think it'll be OK though. The vet originally told me Tuesday or Wednesday and she seems to have adjusted to the collar somewhat.


I had done so well keeping Butter from tearing up the collar (keeping them separated and watching them when they were together). They've actually done fairly well when I have been watching them, so this morning I decided to leave them outside together while I took a shower. Looks like Butter probably grabbed onto the collar and pulled Mercy around the yard for awhile. The collar has several bite marks in it. I was a little mad at her, but it's my fault for leaving them alone together (even if it was just for 15 mintues). So I probably won't be getting my deposit back on that bad boy, but who knows...we might need it again soon with the way things have been going!


My tanning sessions start today. If I can't be skinny when I go to the beach, I'll at least be tan. Am also considering forcing the rest of my party to eat Ho-Hos at every meal until we leave. Have not had a Coke today. Since I'll be tanning at the gym, I'm hoping that it will encourage me to work out while I'm there (not that I can do much right now, but something's better than nothing)! Maybe if I cut down on my Cokes (do I sound like a broken record yet?) and do a little cardio, I will feel better about the state of affairs.


Norah Jones concert is this week. If you don't hear from me for awhile after that, it's probably because she has asked me to go on the road with her. Never fear, I will continue to blog between tour dates.

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