Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Well has Run Dry, My Friends.

I have no blogging topics lately.

I'm a loser like that.

I haven't even figured out what I'm going to do my Thursday 13 on tomorrow. I have kind of an idea, but it will require me doing stuff that will make me look stupid in the eyes of my neighbors. That's pretty much an every day thing, but still.

I think Mercy is acquiring a taste for her antibiotic capsules. They smell like butt, but she doesn't seem to care. I might even try just handing her one without wrapping it in cheese or anything to see if she would eat it. She sure trusts me.

If someone handed you a strange capsule that smelled like butt (after they just took you to a strange place and let someone cut open your nether regions with no intelligible explanation), would you blindly eat it? See, that's what's so great about dogs. She just knows I'm her momma and I love her. No questions asked.

Butter wants a piece of the antibiotic action too, but she a "Live to Eat" type. Nothing is safe from her toothy clutches. The funniest is when she runs through the house and comes back to the living room (without skipping a beat) with some panties on her head. Totally oblivious. I wonder how many articles of my clothing she's eaten without my knowledge. I love that little trouble maker.


Big J said...

Butter sounds like my type of dog, :)

Mo said...


Blog about this!!


Lisa said...

As one whose dog DOES eat clothing (socks) I can tell you- you'd KNOW she was eating them. They, uh, get left behind in little poopy piles.