Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pray for Mercy's Bottom: A TMI Post

Sometimes I can just imagine the things Mercy would say to me if she was a human: "MOM! Seriously! Could you please not discuss my anus with strangers on the internet...or with anyone for that matter?!"

Anyway, as you well know, Mercy is my favorite living being on the planet. No offense to the rest of you, she's just very special.

She's been acting kind of weird for the past few days. I thought she might have gotten into one of the fire ant hills or something because she's been licking her nether regions a lot in the past day or two. Other than that, she has acted like she feels fine.

Today I let her in and she got up and started walking down the hall and I noticed that her bottom is all swollen and has sores on it. If the vet's office wasn't closed, I would have taken her in immediately, but I guess it will just have to wait until Monday morning. I hate that because it's GOT to be uncomfortable.

So what you need to pray for is that it's just her anal sacs and they need to be expressed. I told you this was a TMI post. I can handle that. I can't handle a perianal fistula which the German Shepherd part of her is genetically prone to (there's pretty much no cure for that). Also pray that she won't be too uncomfortable between now and Monday. I'm overprotective and I don't like having to wait that long to take her to the doctor.


--Crazy Dog Lady


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Alllll good thoughts & positive energy coming your way, from one crazy dog lady to another.

Sounds like you had a rough weekend - here's hoping the week shapes up better.

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