Saturday, May 12, 2007

TMI Update or It's Been One Helluva Week

OK, so I couldn't stand it. I found an emergency vet a couple of towns over and took Mercy in.

One of her anal glands had a really bad abscess and had ruptured. They had to lance it and flush it out and they gave her a shot of antibiotic. I'll have to give her antibiotics by mouth for the next two weeks and she has to go to her regular vet in a week so he can see how she's healing.

I have never been so thankful for the car seat cover in my life. She's all bloody and gross.

So here's where an amended prayer request comes in:

The doctor said she had scar tissue and that she's probably had problems with that gland before, but it probably just wasn't bad enough for me to notice and healed by itself. As such, it's very likely that she will have this problem again and if so, they might have to do surgery to remove her glands altogether.

The problem with that is that there's a nerve there that if it's damaged, would make her "anally incompetent". Doesn't that sound like fun? Hopefully she will be in the minority of dogs that have no further problems.


In other news, I came in from work Thursday and noticed this big heavy mirror that has been hanging over my couch for months had fallen down while I was at work. I mean, the anchors that were holding it in pulled right out of the wall and it fell completely down. Very strange! So there are little chunks missing out of my living room wall now. Nice. Luckily, the mirror didn't break, it just landed mostly on the couch and partially on a plant (which I think will recover).


In other, other news, on Thursday night, I noticed that my air conditioning didn't seem to be working. Soooo on Friday, I called the AC repair people and they sent someone out to fix it. My "main contactor" had burned up...whatever that is. And it was low on freon. So he fixed it all up and it's working like a charm now.

When it rains, it pours!

(I can't imagine the terms from the past two blog entries that are going to show up on my search engine log)


Pamela said...

that old saying about 5 days making one WEAK... is true for you

Sure hope Mercy is healed

julia said...

goodness gracious good evening. lots of things going on at hour place! i'm glad you got the AC fixed (that will come in handy ;)) and now I'm afraid to hang my heavy mirror because of how yours faired... and i do hope Mercy will recover!

Mercy's Maid said...

Thanks, Y'all!

Lulu said...

I'm so glad that your dog is okay. Just three weeks ago, my sweet little 1-year-old terrier passed away due to swallowing some sort of mesh material. I have no idea how or when. At first the vet thought it was her anal glands, but of course, turned out to be much worse circumstances. I miss her DEARLY.

As for search engine hits due to your posting of anal glands, try doing a post with the word "boobs." Works all kind of wonders (in a bad way), trust me.

Mercy's Maid said...


I'm so sorry about your dog. I would lose my mind if something ever happened to my girls, so I know it must be tough! :(