Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Joys of Home Ownership

I've recently noticed that there are a couple of cracks in my ceiling and some of the doors in my house don't close, so I called my builder to ask him if that was a problem. He's going to come by tomorrow morning and take a look to see if it looks serious, but when I finally got in touch with him today (we've been playing phone tag), and he said he's already looked around the outside of my house and doesn't see any problems there. Hopefully it's nothing, but I just want to make sure (and see if he can tell me why my doors won't close...that's really annoying!).

I was glad that he agreed to come by because I don't think it's something he HAS to do, but it's nice for him to do it of his own free will without me pressuring him.

In other news, I bought the girls their first real Kong today. I'm sick to death of Butter chewing up toys, so hopefully this will give her a run for her money. She's really into peanut butter, so I'm going to put some in it and let her give it her best shot.

Someone on my row just yelled, "ooh daddy!" That's something you don't particularly ever want to hear at work.

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