Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, it's back to work today! It's been a little crazy this morning--mostly because I've been getting phone calls left and right and that causes me to get sidetracked and forget what I was working on before the phone call.

We were supposed to have a meeting with our customers at 10. Then they stood us up and told us to reschedule for 10:30. Then they changed it to 10:35 and stood us up again. Now we're supposed to have a meeting at 2 or 3 and they're acting upset that we haven't had a meeting all day. It's not like we haven't tried!

I took down my Christmas decorations yesterday. Now I want to rearrange my living room. I also want new living room furniture, but you know what they say..."People in hell want ice water." I'd really like some dark leather furniture because I think it would be more practical with 2 dogs, but it's pretty expensive. Maybe if I get a lot of tax money back, I'll splurge. :) I doubt it though. I'll probably do something more responsible like put it toward my car loan. Blah!

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