Friday, January 06, 2006

Bad Butter!

Today I got a phone call at work that Butter had gotten out (there's a broken board in my fence). The neighbor that found her put her back in the yard and boarded up the fence for me.

So I left work a few minutes early because I wasn't sure if my neighbor just did a temp fix or a permanent one and I thought I might need to do some fence repair before it got dark.

Well, on my way home I had a call from Keith saying that he got a call that she got out again (his number is on her collar...I really need to have that changed) so he had picked her up (and apparently let her wallow in garbage in his garage). When I got home, I saw that she had dug a hole to get out the second time. She hasn't escaped in forever, so I was a little surprised about her wild forays today.

Anyway, I came home and had him hand stinky garbage dog over the fence to me. In the meantime he thinks I'm rude for not wanting to hold a conversation with him about whether I've dyed my hair blonde since he last saw me...all the while I'm holding a squirmy, stinky dog and getting jumped on by Mercy because she's trying to get Butter. Not to mention I'm wearing my "Gene Simmons" boots and trying not to break an ankle in my backyard which now looks like the face of the moon thanks to said Beagle.

So it was apparent that I needed to re-hook up the electric fence. In order to do that, I had to drag out the old weed eater to clear away the weeds along the fence and rethread the wire through the little wire holders. I did all this with my gigantic boots on (time was of the essence!) without killing myself. Someone give me some applause!


Roz said...

:) Hopefully I will get to meet Butter sometime this year. Happy New Year! Ma loves your blog. :)


Mercy's Maid said...

Oh yeah. Meeting Butter should be a new year's resolution or something! :) Tell mama hi for me.