Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh the Weather Outside is (not) Frightful...

It snowed yesterday. How exciting. There was none on the streets this morning, just a little light dusting on the grass, so I'm at work. I might leave a little early today if it starts doing anything again because it's supposed to be below freezing again this evening and people panic when they think there's the slightest chance that there might be something the size of an ice cube on the streets.

Butter was such a whiney butt this morning! She wanted out, then she wanted in. Then once she was in, she still whined. I finally gave her a special treat (a bone with peanut butter) which kept her quiet for all of 5 minutes and then she was whining again. She probably still is. Just another reason for me to come to work today!

My neighbors have taken to filling up my trash can with their trash. I usually pull my big garbage can into the garage after it has been emptied, but this week I just pulled it up to the house and left it outside. Imagine my surprise when I went out earlier this week to put a bag of garbage in it, and it was filled nearly to the top with someone else's cardboard. First of all, I HATE cardboard! It should be banished from the earth. Second of all, we have a recycling program for cardboard. You aren't even supposed to put cardboard in the trash cans. All they had to do was set the boxes on the curb and they would have been picked up. Third of all, they didn't even ask me before they filled up my garbage can?!

There was enough room for me to put two bags of garbage in it, and that was it. I realize that there are about 20 people living in that lady's house, but the city will provide an extra garbage can if you request it. I think it's illegal to go onto your neighbor's property and dump stuff in their trash without asking.

Anyway, the neighbor lady came over last night and said, "I guess you saw I filled up your trash can. I was cleaning out my garage and ran out of room in mine, so came over to yours and saw that it was empty and put my trash in yours. Let me pull it out for you." So I thought she meant that she was going to pull her trash out to make room for me to put stuff in there. I opened up my garage door and she wheeled the garbage can down to the street. (she got a phone call about the time I greeted her at the front door, so we didn't get to finish our conversation). Ghetto fabulous!

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