Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mercy's Maid: Gift Consultant.

It's been a really slow week and 1/2 at work. I've mostly been playing games online and reading at my desk. That's not altogether bad, but it does make the day go by slowly and it makes me sleepy!

Today I did a couple of little piddly things and am in the midst of trying to get a big job stream to run, but like most things I try to do around here, it wouldn't work the first time so I had to call in a ticket. Now I'm waiting for the tech people to get back to me on how to fix it.

Last night I went to my (actual) church for the Christmas choir program thingy. It was kind of surreal to sit in the congregation and watch for once instead of being up on the stage singing with them. They did a good job though. I miss everyone from there. Maybe I'll go back and visit sometime soon. It's just hard because I know I'll run into people I know and I'll have to play 20 questions. That's OK though. They're doing something really cool for Christmas. They're doing carriage rides around the church and fun stuff like that on Christmas Eve. I picked up a yard sign for it yesterday, but I haven't really read it yet. It's still in my trunk. I won't be here on Christmas eve though, so I won't be attending, but I'm sure it'll be fun for the people who do attend.

Today one of my male co-workers was asking me for ideas about what to get his girlfriend for Christmas. I'm no good at gift consulting. A lot of my gifts are kind of random, so I'm not the best gift consultant.

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