Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Whatta Ya Gonna Eat? Hot Pockets!

I loathe Hot Pockets, yet I'm possessed by the need to buy them each time I pass their freezer compartment in the grocery store. I always see a new flavor and think it will be different than the rest. Then I get it home and don't even want to open the package to give it a try.

I just tried to eat a chicken, bacon, cheese melt thingy, and was disturbed halfway through with the faint flavor of onion. I just read the ingredients and it said, "Contains less than 2% of onions." Does that mean less than 2% of the onions in the whole world, or just the US, or that less than 2% of the hot pocket is onion? Why couldn't they call it a chicken, bacon, onion, imitation cheese melt (oh yes, it's imitation cheese, I just read that too!). It should be required to list onion as an ingredient in a prominent place on the package. Utter nastiness.

Free Hot Pockets to anyone who will eat them and lives in my general vicinity. I'll just supplement my dinner with Halloween candy that I didn't get to give away last night.

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Lemonchick said...

Keep the pockets...hand over the candy!!!