Monday, November 14, 2005

A Lazy Weekend

I had a really geriatric weekend. :) I got a tiny bit of housework done and I did cook once (Baked Potato Soup--Mandy's recipe). I should have gotten more done considering I took off work on Friday, but whatever. Life goes on.

I actually visited a different church on Sunday which was a little scary (not the church, just change). I made it through unscathed though. I haven't completely decided if I'm leaving my current church (for the most part I love it!), but I really feel like I need more of a "community" here, and that's currently not available at my church. I have an appointment to talk to my music minister tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Music ministry is what I've been most involved with, so I didn't want to just suddenly drop out without talking to him about what's going on with me and making sure he realizes that I'm not absent because I'm mad about something. Plus I hope that maybe what I have to say will help out the other singles in the church in some way. I just hope I don't turn into some kind of blathering idiot b/c this is a very emotional decision for me.

The church I visited yesterday had a nice group of people "like me" and the Sunday school teachers were enthusiastic and refreshing. The actual service was kind of...Baptist (LOL), a little more traditional than what I've become accustomed to, but not so much that it was boring. I guess it was more like what I grew up with + maybe a little more spunk. It wasn't bad though. The preacher talked about Mercy (not my dog) which was a good lesson. All in all I really liked it.

Here's something weird--the Sunday school class had probably 15 people in it. Two of those 15 were people I went to OBU with. Isn't that odd? One graduated in 2000 and one graduated in 1999, so it was people I actually recognized and had mutual friends with.


Mary said...

That's great Jen! I know my church search has been a very difficult and emotional one, so I understand a little of what you're going through. When I finally ended up at the church I needed to be at, God put confirmations all over the place for me. The first time I went to the singles group alone (gasp! the horror!), a close friend of mine ended up visiting that same night and introduced me to several people who it turns out I had random connections with. A guy sat down next to me at dinner and started talking to me, and it turns out he went to OBU for a short while too. (That doesn't happen so often here) The people across the table were having a conversation about the wedding of a guy I had grown up with. It was all crazy, but totally a God thing. By the time I left that night, I knew I had found home. I'll be praying that God makes the decisions ahead so clear that you can't possibly miss them and that the transition will be as painless as possible.
Love you!

Mercy's Maid said...

Thank you for your prayers. I really want to do whatever's right. I think I'm going to visit last Sunday's church again next week, but I'm going to hold out joining anywhere for awhile.