Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Crazy Day

I'm taking a half day off work. I woke up with a migrane from hades, and it made it clear that it wasn't going anyway. (Relpax works wonders, BTW).

I did go see my Music Minister. Can you say complete blathering idiot (me, not him)? Oh yeah. I started crying before I even got a word out and didn't stop until after I left. I guess pastors are used to that kind of thing though because he didn't freak out.

He was very sympathetic to my plight and made me feel a lot better. He just told me not to make any rash decisions and said that he understood where I was coming from and if I needed to take a Sunday to visit other churches, that was OK. He said, "I don't want you to leave because I love you and appreciate your ministry here, but if it's something that you feel like you need to do, nobody's going to be mad at you." He said that all the points I made were valid and important and that he agreed with everything I was saying and that he's going to take up my cause and fight for me. He said that he's going to talk to the other pastors today, but that probably nothing would get done about forming any kind of small group until after the end of the year (with all the holidays coming up).

He said that if I go away for awhile and check out other churches and decide to come back later, that will be ok. He said, "Nobody's going to burn your choir robe!" which is really funny because we don't wear robes. :D

He mentioned a couple of churches that have decent singles groups, but said that there aren't really any churches in town that have worship services like ours (which get kind of rowdy for a Baptist church). He said that my friend lemonchick's church is the only one in town that's pretty similar. :) I do love the worship service in my church, so that's one thing that makes it hard to consider leaving. I've also been singing in church since I was about 3, so that's another major consideration--I have to have an opportunity to minister in that way because that's what God has given me and I love it.

Anyway, I'm going to continue to visit other churches for a little while and we'll see if anything materializes regarding a small group. At least I've stated my case and voiced my concerns and gotten someone's attention.

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jasonandjennyt said...

Yay...I'm glad you went to talk to the music pastor. I'll pray that God would show you what to do.