Friday, November 11, 2005

I've finally found the oneeee....

(That was my impersonation of an awful Barbara Streisand song from an awful Barbara Streisand movie if I remember correctly).

Of course I'm talking about tall black boots. What did you think I was talking about?

I cannot express my love for Wilkinsons (or is it Wilkersons?) shoe store. Local girls--they have tons of Clarks on sale right now and they're super-cute. I wanted to buy them all, but I held myself back. I only bought a pair of boots. Leather. Marked down from $105 to $44. Whoo hoo! I love clearance shoes. Now I just need something to wear them with.

Unfortunately, when I got up to the register and whipped out my credit card, it wouldn't work (which was really weird since I'd just used it a few minutes earlier to buy my contacts). It was no biggie...I had an alternate payment method, but it did worry me a little because I knew there was no real reason why my card should be declined. I came home and called the credit card company and apparently when I scheduled my payment online for this month, their system screwed up and never drafted it. The lady was really apologetic and nice though and she extended my due date so I could resubmit the payment and it wouldn't show up as late. Hopefully it will work this time, but I'll keep a closer eye on it from now on. You'd think the biggest credit card company in the world could have a working website, but it screws up all the time. I shouldn't speak ill of my bread and butter, but it's really rediculous. I should bring it up to the acquisitions president the next time I see him (yeah right!).

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