Friday, November 11, 2005

Captivating Chapter 11: Warrior Princesses

I didn't relate to this chapter so much as I have to some of the others. I never daydreamed about fighting any battles. Honestly that just sounds like a whole lot of work and I'd rather sit and read a book. :)

Insofar as it relates to spiritual warfare, it's an important chapter. It talks about how we're given all this authority by God, but lots of times we don't think to use it. If we're being attacked by the enemy (or know someone who is), we have the authority to make it stop through Jesus' name.

Beth Moore talked about this at a conference I went to a year or two ago. She talked about how we just surrender stuff sometimes without even fighting for it....and the victory is already ours, we just have to say the word.

She talked about how sometimes God allows us to go through certain situations to teach us how to fight back. I thought that was an interesting concept.

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