Wednesday, December 14, 2011

House Update

Here you go, Jenny.

Ignore the stuff that hasn't found a permanent "home" in the pictures! The rest of my curtains have been shipped, so I'm excited to get those up. This is our main living area. We have one room on the first floor that's still a complete disaster (it happens to be the man room *ahem*), but I'm starting to get a few things on the wall and am working on making the house more homey. The upstairs is livable, but not at all decorated yet. We are having our first overnight guests this weekend!

The wood floors are so nice. I dustmop them every day and pick up SO MUCH dog hair. It's so much easier than trying to keep carpet clean. I seriously don't know how Mercy isn't bald with as much as she sheds.

Yesterday the propane tank got really low. I smelled gas, so I called and they had me check the gauge. This entailed me tromping over to the underground tank with a flashlight (my sweet husband worked until NINE last night, or I would have put him on it!), lifting the lid, and fighting off black widows. That just isn't my cup of tea, folks.

Anyway, the tank was only 1% full. The guy who came to fill it said that we would have probably been completely out in about an hour...which is bad since everything in this house is gas.

Crisis averted! Now I just need to learn about the well and the septic tank. Ah country living...

Mercy has made friends with the neighbor's dog. They like to chase eachother around the yard. Between our property and the neighbor's property we have probably a couple of acres for them to run on, and some woods if Mercy ever gets brave enough to explore them. She is having the best time though. We just let them run off leash on our property (we supervise) and I swear she smiles. :)


jasonandjennyt said...

Wow. Beautiful house. Thanks for posting pics for me! heh. Saw pictures of your get-together with Dani. Got a bit come nobody ever moves to DFW??

Roz said...

:) You have to tell me how that septic tank thing works. I have heard of those, but I don't know much about them. :) Not that I ever plan to live in the country, but you never know. Hope you are having a great time in Texarkana, and you have a safe trip back to Virginia. Merry Christmas! Love you!

Pamela said...

looks beautiful! I'm jealous (in a good way)

Lainy said...

I have laminate floors and I hate them so much. I have yet to clean them, too, and I've been in the house for almost a week! LOL, but in my defense, I still have boxes from the move laying about :P
I do like the fireplace and TV in the corner :D And I love that color on the walls.