Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dogs and Scentsy

It's been awhile since I posted any kind of update. It seems like lots of stuff has happened, but none of it altogether riveting reading material. So sorry!

Maya continues to thrive! We had another follow up appointment yesterday and the vet said that lots of dogs that have allergies as severe as hers never get to the point where their skin looks as good as hers does now. It's my no means normal looking, but it has improved so much! She's down to 2.5 mg of prednisone every other day, and the vet said that's a good dose b/c it's low enough that it won't cause too many side effects. The yeast in her skin is gone (hallelujah!), so she's not stinky anymore (except her breath). And what I thought was a hole in her teeth is not actually a hole. It's just that her gums have receded so far that you can actually see the roots of her teeth and there's a space between the roots that collects food. So gross! In a couple of weeks I'm going to take her to have those teeth yanked out and the other ones cleaned up really well.

Starting yesterday, she's on special hypo-allergenic food. This is fine and dandy except that Mercy feeds Maya (unintentionally). Mercy grabs a mouth full of food and then spits it out on the floor to eat it. Except she doesn't get a chance to eat it b/c Maya runs over and yanks it out from under her. This means that we have to develop a new feeding routine, but I'm sure we'll get it worked out in no time.

In other news, I'm now selling Scentsy. It's a fun product to sell because who doesn't want their house to smell good without the risk of setting it on fire? It's going well so far, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to grow my business fairly quickly. If you want to earn free stuff, let me know and I'll hook you up. One of my customers is doing her first basket party now and she sold $150 in product before she even had the sample scents to demonstrate. I can't wait to see what her final totals are!

Another neat thing is that I can do fundraisers. I'm looking forward to doing some of those too.


Sarah said...

I love my Scentsy stuff...and I love that the whole house doesn't smell like burnt wax when you "blow it out"!! :)

Mercy's Maid said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm going to send you a pumpkin roll sample. I think you'll like it.