Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rest for the Weary

Well, last week's gifts from coworkers continued to get better and better. On Friday I received a poster of Edward and Jacob with my face in the middle. As it should be. Ahem.

And I also received a bottle of wine. I resisted the urge to drink from the bottle at work.

Maybe this week they will step it up and bring me narcotics!

Oh. They also cut out a picture of my face and put it on a stick so they can use it as a mask when they need to boss someone around. Aren't they cute? :) Today my paper face told a free range kid to give it all his candy. Apt, don't you think?

This week hasn't been quite as hectic. I'm trying to work as far ahead as I can so as to make the coming weeks not as bad, but as it turns out, I still have a full day's work even when I'm not in red alert mode. I really want to take Friday off, but seeing as how that's pretty much impossible, I'll just take my laptop with me and work remotely. It's nice having a month of paid vacation every year,none of which I can use. That's how they get ya, my friends!

Great nephew turned 3 this week (where does the time go?!) and his pirate party is this weekend. ARR! Can't miss out on that. Trying to talk my sister into coming in from out of state (by telling her all the cool kids are going home that weekend), but so far it isn't working. I'd say we have a 50/50 chance of convincing her.

Now to go finish mowing the yard. I ran out of gas and the boy has brought me some!

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Pamela said...

I read the books -- and Edward & Jacob looked so much different in my head.

We took a labor day trip up the Washington coast that put us in forks at night -- we got the last room. A tiny one where you had to hold your belly in to squeeze between the wall and grab the covers.
It rained and thundered all night. I actually thought about the books -- well, and there are signs here and there around town, too.

I would love to see you face on the poster.