Tuesday, July 13, 2010

phone blogging

I got a smart phone and I'm blogging from it. How cool is that?

Quick update. Work continues to be crazy, but my team has taken pity on me and started getting lunch for me. Today there was a cake on my desk when I got there. I think they must be scared or something. Works out ok for me!

Went fishing for only the third time this season. Didn't find stray dogs. Did see free range goats. Also saw a beaver.

I was a nielsen family for a week. I watched all of maybe 2 hours worth of tv for the week. They will be so disappointed.

Now we're watching the captain die on deadliest catch. Quick! Someone pop some popcorn! How exploitative. But yet we watch.

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Pamela said...

I missed last nights Deadliest Catch. I hope I can get it somewhere else

Take care of yourself... stress is a killer.