Thursday, April 01, 2010

I Kept Expecting Dwight Schrute to Show Up

What a day! First of all, there was a whole lot of crazy drama that I won't even go into here, but it was sort of like going back to preschool except with adults.

Then we had a meeting that went absolutely NOT the way we had planned. It was sort of like the people on the other end of the line wadded up all of the hard work we've been doing in the past few months and threw it back in our faces.

That prompted my boss to throw his pen across the room when the meeting was over. Which was really funny, actually, because usually it's the other boss that throws things and makes holes in the drywall at work. This guy is usually pretty mild mannered. We proceeded to make fun of him for it the rest of the day. He will not live it down.

And then we had another meeting in a conference room that overlooks the parking lot. We saw a person who works on our floor go out to his/her car and sit for a long time. Apparently this is a common occurrence, so one of the bosses went down to clandestinely investigate while we all watched the show. He pretended he was on the phone (agitated hand motions and all) whilst inching closer and closer to the car. They think that this person goes down and drinks several times a day and were trying to witness it. Funny stuff. Sadly, he couldn't see anything. Too bad we didn't have any binoculars.

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David said...

Which is why you should ALWAYS have a pair of binoculars in your desk.