Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No, A Tornado Hasn't Just Been Through Here

It just occurred to me that this is my first post of the new year, so happy new year!

I plan to do a little 2009 reading wrap up post at some point, but that point is obviously not right now. Keep your eyes peeled.

Ready for some randomness? Here goes.

I tried my hand at the ruffly wreath (mentioned here), HOWEVER! my Dollar Tree didn't have the same kind of foam wreath base that the person who wrote the tutorial had, so I had to settle for one of those green foamy things. You know those foamy things that florists stick in the bottom of flower arrangements to stab the flowers into? One of those things, but it's in a sorta wreath shape. It's disgusting. It leaves my hands feeling all gritty and nasty. I am not a fan. Also, it is thicker and smaller in circumference than the one in the tutorial. I did not think that would be a problem, but as of right now it just looks like a big fluffy ball of ruffliness. I'm not quite finished with it yet, but I'll post pictures of it when I'm done. Over all, it's not a hard project and I can definitely see the cuteness potential. I'm just not sure it's going to work out with the materials I have to work with.

Last night when Butter was keeping me up by barking incessantly ALL NIGHT LONG, my sleep deprived mind got the idea that I need to make a rag quilt big enough for my Queen bed. Visions of easy quilty, warm, cozy goodness danced in my head. I have a rag quilt that my sister made, but it's just a throw size. She made one for pretty much everyone in the fam and we all carry them with us like Linus. When we're all together, there may be 2-3 in the room at any given time. They're wonderful and they don't seem all that difficult to make. I went online to try to get an idea of how much fabric I would need to buy (I <3 Google!) and it says that if I want to make it with 4" squares, I'll need 2736 squares. Good grief, that's a lot of squares! I can also make it with 6" squares and "only" use 540 squares. Tedium, thy name is quilting. Anyway, we'll see where I decide to go with that. I want to make a black and white one (because my walls are red and not everything goes with red), so let me know if you know of a place that has good deals on black and white (prints are ok, not just solids) flannel.

Speaking of getting in over my head, I'm sick to death of my house being a mess, so I'm trying to incorporate some of Flylady's ideas about home management into my daily routine. I hope I don't ever have a medical emergency because there's no way I'd let strangers (or anyone else for that matter)into my house with it looking like this. I'd have to meet the paramedics on the porch.

Let's see what else? I got a new job role at work. It has the word "manager" in it, but I don't have to manage any people, I just have to keep the customers happy and make sure everything in our process moves along according to plan. It's going to be an interesting adventure. I've been doing pretty much the same job for nearly 10 years, so I'm excited about changing things up a little. It's going to be challenging (in a huge way), but I don't think I'll be nearly so bored anymore.

And with that, I need to go declutter. {singing}One room at a tiiiiiiiime, sweet Jesus...{/singing}


Pamela said...

I subscribed to fly lady for awhile -- but I felt buried and cluttered by all the posts they send out.

I think I'd just rather have a dirty house. ()"

Mercy's Maid said...

Yes, the first time I joined, I felt the same way! This time I just subscribed to a daily digest, so it's just 1 e-mail per day. It's not so bad.