Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Be Fair...

For all of the griping I do about Butter, you probably wouldn't guess that she makes me laugh a lot. Sometimes it is laughter through bitter, bitter tears, but it's laughter nontheless.

Case in point:

Last night, I opened the door to let the dogs in for the night and feed them. Mercy was just outside the door, so she just walked right in. Butter wasn't. I said, "Um, Butter?" The next thing I knew, I heard her running at top speed toward the door. She ran so fast that when she hit the kitchen floor, she slid all the way across it and left skid marks (apparently she was playing in the mud when I opened the door to let her in). It was funny -- partially because I have let go of the fantasy of maintaining a clean kitchen floor. Otherwise, I might have cringed a little bit.

It was not funny that she was barking at 5 or 6 this morning. I wonder if they make a canine version of Ambien.


Kevin said...

I bet you could crush one and try a tiny bit to see if it helped... ;-)

Pamela said...

years ago when I had a big rottweiler -- he slid across the floor like that -- hit the kitchen chair... smashed into the table and took a big hunk out of the wall.

Oh yea... cute. ha ha.