Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enough With the Excessive Punctuation!

As seen on a couple of hotel reviews:

A Times Square chain link that's like "a giant beehive" – this "behemoth" is one of the "best places to stay when you're seeing a Broadway show" (it has its own theater inside and is opposite the half-price TKTS booth); "tourists abound", whether in the "rooftop revolving restaurant", the "crazy" glass elevators or the hectic lobby, but "if you're lucky", you can escape to a room with a "spectacular view" of the "chaos" below – the "fabulous" location is what it's all about.

A "prime location" "just off Times Square" is the main draw of this "large", "booming" hotel with accommodations that are "ample for New York" and an "attached fitness club" available for a fee; the staff remains "friendly" despite the always "crowded" lobby, and while some surveyors praise the "modern appeal", others turn up their noses at the "back in the '80s" decor, finicky temperature controls and slightly "musty smell."


Kevin said...

Hmmm... looks like the "editors" get "paid" by the amount of things they "add".

SeanO47 said...

It's because they are quoting user reviews