Monday, October 05, 2009

Choosing Teams

Or "My Arts and Crafts Project this Weekend"

I just read a blog post that asked the all important question "Which team are you on?" and it reminded me to post these pictures of what I did this weekend in preparation for the New Moon midnight showing (in November, but I had to get a head start!).

That should answer the question nicely. :) I do not understand the Team Jacob people. In my opinion, Jacob is a manipulative twit. However, I suppose that if you base your "team" off of the movie and not off of the books, I can see how you can choose to be on Team Jacob. The movie version of Edward is not as handsome as my imagination's version of Edward. And the movie version of Jacob is quite the hottie. Young, young, young though....and not young in an Edward way (oh...well he's not really 16 --or whatever...who's counting?, he's 100 and something if you count how long he's been undead).

In the end, we cougars Twilight lovers may not agree on which is the best team, but we can agree that when it comes to Edward and Jacob, age ain't nothin' but a number.

Hit it Aaliyah! (RIP!)


Pamela said...

we drove up the coast and got the last motel room in Forks, WA over labor day w/e.

Mercy's Maid said...

How neat! The pictures I've seen of the area look really pretty. I'd like to visit sometime.