Sunday, August 30, 2009


Lisa at Books Lists Life asked to see our TBR shelves. She has lots of TBRs! I thought I did too, but then I saw hers. ;) Kidding! I've actually done a pretty good job of whittling down my stack over time. The way I've done this is that I have stopped joining book boxes at Such willpower!

Anyhow, I'm down to only two shelves now! Here they are.

I took the picture with my phone, so the quality isn't great. Terribly sorry. I would have opened the window to let more natural light in, but the biggest spider of all time has set up housekeeping on the other side of that window and I'd rather not have to wet myself for the sake of a picture. I love you, but I don't LOVE you. Know what I mean?

They aren't really organized in any particular way except the ones in the lower right hand corner that have little square stickers on the bottom of the spines are bookcrossing books that have already been crossed. That means that I should really go ahead and read them and move them along to someone else, but for various reasons, I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. In some cases, those are series books and I'm not to that point in the series yet, etc. Other than that, they are "arranged" willy-nilly. I spy two Gregory Maguire books on two different shelves. Do you? If it makes you OCD folks feel better, the CS Lewis books appear to all be grouped together in a clump.

My TBRs have their own bookcase. My permanent collection books have their own bookcase. My "other" books (books that I may or may not have read, books that will not remain with me but will be given away) have their own bookcase. That's how my books are organized -- on a macro level, not on a micro level.

Truth be told, I have a few stragglers in the living room, but I can't put them on the shelf yet because they aren't registered yet. There is a method to my madness, it just doesn't involve alphabetization or organizing them by genre. :)


Lisa said...

Hey! I don't have THAT many!

Thanks for sharing, I love seeing other people's books.

David said...

Cool, now I don't feel as bad about all of the books currently in my queue. They don't have their own shelves though; they are shelved, by category, along with all of my other books.