Friday, August 28, 2009


I learned today that my sister is having to have her puppy put to sleep today. Please keep her family in your prayers -- her dogs are her babies much like mine are, so this will be a tough time for her.

Her pup ruptured the ligaments in both of her back legs due to a genetic disorder and the specialist vet she took her to said that even with corrective surgery, the same thing would probably start happening in her other joints. Since she was in so much pain, they had to make the decision to go ahead and put her to sleep.

This is one of the puppies that came from the litter that my dad rescued late last year.

In fact, pray right now...I'm texting back and forth with her and she's having a really tough time going back and forth about whether or not she can make herself even take her in to be put to sleep. She knows she needs to, but she's just struggling.


Jennifer said...

Oh no.... I'm soooooo sorry. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is to make that choice, even when you know it is the right thing. My prayers are with her.

aboulomania said...

I'm so sorry, I can't imagine :( Putting a pet down is the hardest thing.