Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facebook Follies: Day 1

Did I mention that my mother joined FB? Oh I did? That's right! Anyway, she joined and immediately forgot her password. So she used the "reset password" option, but the security settings on their computer filtered the auto-response out. (My theory)

So then she e-mailed "the Facebook people" and "proved that she's who she says she is" (I have no idea what this involved) and still couldn't get in. So I asked her if she tried to get in using her other computer. They have so many different security programs on their computer that it's a wonder they can access anything. I pull my hair out every time I visit. Apparently that did the trick, because today she was back in business. And today she posted this little jewel: a status update.

She's just getting warmed up, my friends.

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Lainy said...

HAHHAHAHA i'm so sorry lol wow