Monday, November 10, 2008

Who Can Resist Puppies?

Quite a while ago, a stray dog started showing up in my parents' neighborhood. It goes door to door begging food and the neighbors have all gotten attached to her and loved on her.

She started out very skittish and wouldn't let anyone near her, though she would act happy to see everyone and wag her tail and even play ball with them.

After probably a year of my dad trying to coax her near enough to pet her, he finally succeeded, and they've become big buddies. She still roams all over the neighborhood to get her treats, and she's considered the neighborhood's dog, but she has gotten a lot more tame and even wants to come into my mom and dad's house now. Much to my mother's dismay, I'm sure!

Anyway, back when she was still skittish, she would get pregnant all of the time and run off to have her pups and then show back up a few days later. It was really sad because we knew the puppies were probably dying. My dad even tried to track her to find out where she was going, but he just wasn't able to figure it out.

She had another litter last night and this time she was tame enough for my dad to shut her up in his backyard. She had 6 puppies this time and don't they look cute?

He built the whelping box for her and started a fire in his wood stove out in his workshop where she's staying. He's as big of an animal lover as I am. My mom called and said he went out to Tractor Supply and bought a big dog bed for her to replace the old blankets/carpet pieces she's lying on in the picture. I heart my dad.

Now the real test will be to see if he can convince my mom to let him keep one of the puppies!

*One of the neighbors has offered to pay to get her spayed if my dad can get her to get in the car to go to the vet. Hopefully that will happen soon!


Chelle said...

Your parents and their neighbors are good people.

That is a beautiful dog, is she full-blooded lab, do you think? Why would anyone just abandon a dog like that or any dog for that matter?

P.S. I hope your mom lets your dad keep a puppy, too.

Mercy's Maid said...

She is a really pretty dog. She looks very Lab-like...not sure if she's full-blooded.

I wonder what her back story is. With her temperment, it seems like she's probably been abused at some point.

She's so funny though. Any time she sees a vehicle with any kind of emblem on it (the street department, etc.) she runs like the wind to get away. I think she's been chased by many a dog catcher.

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Pamela said...

what a lovely story. I sure hope they are able to get her spade. Maybe she'll just stay with your dad and the puppies will all find new homes.

Amanda said...

I'm an animal lover, too, so I love this story. (I was sent here by my mom, Pamela @ the Dust Will Wait)

I think getting her fixed is the best idea ever! Although, those puppies are damn cute.