Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Alert! Red Alert!

First of all, I finished piecing the quilt last night. I still need to straighten up the edges a little, but I'm relieved that it's mostly taken care of. I think I've decided to do the self-binding technique (where you fold the backing over the top to make the binding). I'm not sure how it will look since the back is kind of a different texture, but it will be the easiest, and I think it will be OK for my first quilt. Especially since it's for my baby nephew. It's not like he's going to mind.

But now we get to the red alert portion of this blog entry.

My folks are planning on swinging by to pick me up on the way to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. We're not going there until Thursday, so I asked my mom a couple of days ago if they would want to just come to my house Wednesday night and spend the night so they would have that much of the trip out of the way on Thursday. My mom said no because they wouldn't be able to leave their house until 5 Wednesday evening and my dad doesn't like to drive at night. I said OK and went on my merry way.

UNTIL my mom called me just minutes ago and told me they had changed their minds and they were indeed coming Wednesday night.

I have been sewing for days, so the guest bed is loaded down with fabric. And the house looks like a tornado hit it!

Eek! I must go clean. Good thing I'm working from home today!

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Pamela said...

that is really a lovely work of art.. and someday will be an heirloom!!