Sunday, August 17, 2008

Defensive Driving

You know that Defensive Driving (DD) is going to be better than you expected when you start writing down observations about it before the class even starts.

When I walked in, there was a screen set up with some sort of DVD playing --lots of guys playing guitar. My initial thought was..."This is how they're going to punish us for getting a ticket. They are going to force us to sit and listen to this music and if I listen closely enough, I bet the songs are traffic violation-related."

I was envisioning lyrics like:

"I didn't wear my seat belt and look what it got me/when I got into a collision my body hit a tree."

It turns out that that wasn't the case, the songs had nothing to do with DD. The guy teaching the class is just an ex-stoner and he likes music.

So after a little while, guess what started playing....

"I shot the sheriff/but I did not shoot the deputy"

Considering that all of us were there because a police officer had pulled us over, I thought that was funny. In a twisted sort of way.

And I'm not making up the part about him being an ex-stoner.

After our first 20 minute break, he said, "I know some of you are feeling right right now because you went out and smoked some cannabis during your 20 minute break. Don't think I don't know what weed smells like because I've smoked a LOT of weed...but we'll get into that when we reach the section about drugs and alcohol."

All in all, the guy was pretty entertaining. As entertaining as he could be, given the subject matter.


Mandy said...

They could have played Mat Kearney's "Renaissance"!

Mercy's Maid said...

Ooh, good call!

Lemonchicky said...

Seriously! I can't send you anywhere! Could you not have waited til you were home to toke up???

I have two words for you sister:

Self Control