Friday, July 11, 2008

When All Else Fails, Make Some Crap Up

Each year at work, we go through the highly arbitrary process of doing self-assessments. We're forced to rate ourselves on a variety of convoluted things that really have no bearing on how well we do our jobs. (Can I get an amen?) For our ratings, we have the following things to choose from: "strong, solid, I'm slightly incompetent, or I really hate my job and I have poor self-esteem" well, I might be paraphrasing, but the first two are accurate.

I always have to double check which of "strong and solid" is the better rating. Arbitrary. For some reason, the combination of the words strong and solid make me think of men's deodorant commercials. But I digress...

Anyway, at the end, we have to leave a couple of comments for things we want to improve upon in the coming year and things that we think we're doing well at. I have had the hardest time coming up with my second "strength" .. Here are some of the things I've thought about putting down.

1. Haiku composition
2. Impulse control (have not slapped any customers or coworkers this year)
3. Ability to listen to audio books and look like I'm working
4. Poppy Seed Chicken cooking
5. Have survived the great internet shortage of 2008
6. Writing song parodies
7. Chocolate eating
8. Knowing all the words in the hit musical, Annie.

But somehow, I don't think any of those would get me the raise that my checkbook tells me I so desperately need.

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Pamela said...

works for me. You're hired.