Friday, July 18, 2008

Because I've Been Chastised

I know I've turned into a horrible blogger. I'm disappointed in myself, but life has been hectic.

1. Internet lockdown at work.
2. Absolute crazy brain-taxing busyness at work
3. Complete exhaustion by the time I get home from work
4. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ by 9:00pm...well, not always, but I could easily pass out wherever I happen to be at about 9 every night. I'm just tired through and through.

In fact, I have several things that I need to do in preparation for leaving town tomorrow and the idea of doing the simplest thing like loading the dishwasher right now makes me want to claw my insides out.

In other news, I went to the eye doctor for my 6 mo. post-op checkup, and he said everything looks good. He did offer to put some plugs in the little parts of the eye that drain liquid off of them (to keep them from being so dry all the time), but I am going to try some other stuff before I resort to that. One such "other stuff" is this ointment that's mineral oil and petroleum jelly. It's basically the consistency of Neosporin and I'm to pull down my lower eyelid and put a little dab of it in each eye before I go to sleep at night. Whee! Sleeping with Vaseline in one's eye is messy business. It doesn't stay in the eye, so by the time I wake up, it's all over my face. As if (apparently) not sleeping with my eyes all the way closed wasn't undignified enough, now there's this. Hold yourselves back, gentlemen -- I'm taken!

On a completely unrelated note, tomorrow is my great-nephew's first birthday. I can't believe he's been here a year already. He's walking, talking, mimicking animal noises and car noises...but he hasn't learned to say my name yet. Hopefully he will master that this weekend when I go see him. I'm bribing him with birthday gifts...maybe that will encourage him.

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Pamela said...

There must be interenet lock down everywhere. That was done at my employment as well. However, I never blogged from work - so that hasn't changed my schedule. I've just gotten worn down and have other things to do, as you have.

Hope it works on your eyes.