Thursday, June 05, 2008

Where am I?

Well, our entire floor at work has gotten a tongue lashing about needing to come to work on time and about the importance of NOT USING THE INTERNET. There was also some talk about not needing to take time to go downstairs to get breakfast, from what I hear. Basically, the "Hitler Youth" are on the warpath and as such, I cannot blog at work anymore. Boo!

As a result, I've had to try to find LESS efficient ways to do things at work to try to stretch out tasks and look busy when I'm really not. I had one thing to do today. For a person with normal skills and intelligence, it would take 10 minutes to complete. I have an 8 hour work day. You do the math on that! Anyway, I stretched that task out to take an hour or so. Senselessness, really. I really don't think they're accomplishing what they think they are. It's not as if there's work to do and we're not getting it done because we're goofing off. It's just that there's not enough work to go around at the moment. That's the nature of our business. When it rains it pours...when it doesn't, it...droughts (?), but it always comes back around.

I went to the library at lunch and borrowed three audio books to try to avoid turning into a vegetable. I may not be able to read at my desk anymore, but I can be read TO at my desk and they'll be none the wiser...until that becomes verboten too.


Pamela said...

seems to be a the thing now. I've never blogged at work -- but now we're being denied access to other things as well. I'll not be reading the news at work anymore --

xk0der said...

I guess it's the same across the entire world. I don't know why and how would this help increase productivity? It does help increase frustration and anger though. Specially with the nature of work you described.

My wife too has similar kind of work at her workplace. At times it pours work and at other times it's a complete drought.

What do 'they' expect their employees to do when there's no work? Die with boredome and depression?