Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Uh OH, It's a Vent!

OK, so after my sister got sick, my other sister mentioned that she would like for the three of us to go on a little vacation...if my sis was feeling like it after her radiation is finished. She mentioned a few things and I told her that would be cool...the less expensive, the better because I'm trying to pay off some bills.

Never heard anything else about it.

So why today did I go to her Facebook page and see that they are now discussing going to Mexico together (with their husbands) this fall?

I guess they changed their minds about:

A. Including me.
B. Making it a sisters only trip.

Neither of those things are terribly surprising, but I would have rather her just not bring it up to me at all if it's going to be like that. I don't expect them to include me in anything, so I was a little surprised and excited at the prospect of the three of us spending time together.

Lesson learned.


Lemonchicky said...

I will go to Mexico with you!!!

You are my sister! My condolences on your new parents though. haha

Lisa said...

I'm sorry, that sucks.