Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Recreation Hour"

I'm using my allotted one hour lunch as my "recreation hour" at my desk, so I am LEGALLY using the internet...at least for the next three minutes.

It seems it's been so long since I gave any kind of update...that's because my life is boring, but I'll try to think up a few things to post anyway.

1. My yard is home to a LEGION of spiders. I was mowing the other day and saw something amble across the freshly cut grass and actually leaned down and said, "OH! A baby toad!" That was quickly followed by, "OH GOD NO! I HATE IT! WHY ME?! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO LIVE HERE! MAKE IT DIE!"

2. Kevin is in Mexico. I have been feeding his fish for him. Yesterday, I had to "euthanize" one of them. It had been acting sick for a few days and when I checked on it yesterday, it was lying on its side on the gravel having a fishy seizure. Flushing it was the kind thing to do, but still sad.

3. TheWarden really has been walking up and down each aisle at work checking to see who's been naughty or nice here. Every morning at about 8:25, he comes through to see who is at their desk. It begs the question, "Why is he so concerned about how other people are spending their time when he spends his time so inefficiently?" I mean, for goodness sake, we're a secure "facility". If he wants to know when someone gets here, he can get a report of what time people scanned their badge at the gate. Maybe he just wants the exercise. Who knows.

4. This is rife with grammatical and probably spelling errors, but you see I've already gone 4 minutes over my lunch hour and I don't have time to fix anything.

In the meantime, entertain me. Leave me comments. They get e-mailed to me and I can read them while I'm working.

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Lemonchicky said...

Holy Smokes....who's the WARDEN???