Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Child of my Heart by Alice McDermott

The audio book version of this book is seven CDs long and is not as professionally done as some I've listened to. The chapter numbers aren't announced, and there is overlap between the end of each CD and the beginning of the next.

It was entertaining enough, but a little unsettling.

The main character is a wonderful 14 year old baby sitter. Her character seemed wise beyond her years--a little bit unbelievably so. She was so good with kids that it was hard believe that her character was so young and didn't have kids of her own. The most disturbing part, of course, is when she has a sexual relationship with the seventy year old father of one of the kids she is watching. I'm glad the author waited until the end of the book to throw that in there because if it had happened early on, I doubt I would have continued "reading"...gross. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what her attraction to him was.

The main character's little cousin and little Flora (aforementioned old guy's child) were the most charming characters.

My favorite parts were the baby sitter's imaginative stories that she told the children. It was no wonder that the kids fell so in love with her. She could pull a fairy tale out of thin air.


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Petunia said...

I read this recently and loved it. I think the author really captured that "last summer of innocence" feeling.