Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen

Hiaasen is famous for his creation of "larger than life" characters. Each character is extremely quirky in his or her own way and it makes for a humorous story.

In this story, we have:

Honey: She finally snaps one day when she receives one too many telemarketing calls during dinner and begins to stalk the "Relentless Inc." sales person who calls her.

Boyd: A cowardly man who is cheating on his wife with a coworker but is incredibly boring.

Eugenie: Boyd's mistress who is so bored by him that she can barely stand it.

Boyd's wife: Knows Boyd is cheating on her and has hired a private investigator to follow him around and get video of him "in the act" turns out that she really just wants the videos for "personal purposes".

Gillian: Sorority girl who is stranded on an island and asks a Seminole to take her hostage.

Sammy: Seminole who tries to shake off Gillian (he just wants to be alone and wants her to SHUT UP) with no luck.

Anyway...lots of quirky characters. I listened to it as an audio book (though I had a copy of the book version on my shelf too) and it made me look forward to read another of his books that's on my shelf, Tourist Season.

Lots of colorful language, so beware.

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Carrie K. said...

I've never read anything by Hiaasen, but I think I'll check our library's web site and see if they have any of his stuff on audiobook. Thanks for the review!