Saturday, June 07, 2008

Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson

This book is set in small town Georgia (population 90) and is full of all kinds of interesting characters. Most importantly, there are two families that hate each other-- To quote the back of the book, "The Fretts, who stole (main character, Nonny) and raised her right; and the Crabtrees, who lost her and can't forget that they've been done wrong."

Years of hatred between the two families come to a head when the Crabtrees' Doberman mauls Nonny's aunt and harms Nonny's deaf-blind adoptive mother. It turns into an all-out war when Nonny's other aunt decides to take matters into her own hands and shoots the Crabtrees Doberman dead. With both sides feeling wronged, the situation spirals down hill in a hurry.

Despite all of the fighting in the book, it's full of humor. I listened to it as an audio book and I'm glad I did. It's read by the author and since she's actually Southern, she nails the characters' accents. Very good "reading" if you've got 9 hours to kill on a long road trip...or if your internet privileges have been taken away at work. Ahem!

You can read the author's blog here: Faster than Kudzu. It's always entertaining.

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