Saturday, May 03, 2008

We Did It!

We finished our race today and we ran the whole thing. This is my second 5K and Hayden's first(she did SO well!) I think my total time was about 1 minute faster than the last time I ran. It was 37:58 which I realize isn't fast for real runners, but it's a personal best for me, so WHOO HOO! I had thought that I would like to do about a 12 minute mile, and I ended up doing a 12:15 pace, so I wasn't too far off. And I have another race next weekend. Someone motivate me about that because it will be fresh in my mind how crappy running races makes me feel. (I realized why I took two years off!)

Here we are in action. Hayden looks so all-fired happy all the time...even when she's been running for an extended period of time. I can't explain it.

Notice my ID number. Proof that running IS the devil!

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elaine said...

Running IS evil! I don't know why you do it, it's for losers and criminals. I know your not a loser, but idk about the criminal part!