Saturday, April 05, 2008

Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

(About the prophecies of a 13th century Saint)

Not only do his revealments include names and dates but also, on one occasion, a reliable phone number for a good time in Leeds. -- page 120

When he first started working in Alice in Wonderland, he was known as the Cheshire Cat, but the authorities moved the Cheshire county boundaries, and he thus became the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat, but that was a bit of a mouthful, so he was known more affectionately as the Cat formerly known as Cheshire or, more simply, the Cat. His real name was Archibald, but that was reserved for his mother when she was cross with him. -- page 257

I believe this is the last regular book in this series (though there is a sequel to this series). The way the loose ends were tied up was very satisfying.

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