Wednesday, April 09, 2008

News You Can't Use

Yesterday I learned where my middle name came from. Well, kind of. I mean, I was named after my aunt. But yesterday she told me that the name came from a book her dad read. A main character's name was Alayne and he liked it, so he picked it for her (and indirectly, me). She said she tried to read the book and she didn't like it. How sad. I just thought it was funny that I was indirectly named after a book character. The book is called The White Oaks of Jalna. Has anyone read it?

I would like to give a shout out to Mr. QuakerOats who has finally realized that you can put oatmeal into a cookie and call it a breakfast food. This is a principle I've adhered to for at least 29 years.


I made Greek Fried Chicken last night for the first time. It was really easy and good!

Here is an approximate recipe (I didn't measure anything).

4 thinly sliced chicken breasts
olive oil
Cavendar's Greek Seasoning
Lemon juice
Cinnamon (I know!)

Put the chicken in a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and some lemon juice (I put maybe a tablespoon or so and that was almost more than plenty).

Sprinkle a lot of Cavendar's into the bowl and mix it all around. I also added just a smidge of cinnamon (I stole that from a different recipe, but I was scared, so I didn't add much) You can poke holes in the chicken to make it soak up the marinade more efficiently. Stick it in the fridge for a few minutes while you do something else.

Pour enough olive oil in a skillet so that the bottom is entirely covered and heat it on medium heat. When the oil is hot, put the chicken in and cover it. Flip the chicken fairly regularly and in about 20 minutes it's done. At the end, just turn the heat up a little and brown the outside of the chicken.

I think it would also work well as a grilling or baking marinade for those of you who are health fanatics-- which brings me to my next topic...

New drinking game:

Every time someone on The Biggest Loser cries, take a shot. You'd be wasted just watching the promos. It's ridiculous. I have to eat Mini-Eggs while watching it just to make it through. (Kevin's a fan of the show, FYI.) There's less crying in a Lifetime Original Movie, and that's the truth!


elaine said...

Oo that chicken sounds good! And, it follows the South Beach diet too! Which I've had to start again, but i dont like to call it a "diet" >.> lol But hey, it really helps control my blood sugar.

Go figure you'd be named after a book character! I thinks it's perfect lol.

Mercy's Maid said...

My mom and my sisters are on South Beach and they're having really good luck with it. One of my sisters has lost at least 30 pounds. She looks like a new person.

elaine said...

I had lost 30 lbs of pregnancy weight on it. :D My mom and grandmother lost weight too. My mom's doctor recommended she go on a diet similar to it to help with her blood sugar. It's really a great eating plan.

mary said...

Seriously, I mock those ridiculous boys on The Biggest Loser weekly. So much so that Mark has threatened to quit watching with me.