Monday, April 14, 2008

Biggest Aquarium Fish I've Ever Seen

Here are pictures of a couple of Kevin's new fish that he got this weekend. They are HUGE. Insanely huge. So huge that they need a new home that gives them more room to wiggle around because the 100 gallon tank they're in isn't big enough. So if you're local and know anyone that has a freshwater tank large enough for these guys, let me know.

This is a plecostomus. When you see them in the pet store, they're a couple of inches long and they look like this. When you look at the one in Kevin's Ripley's-Believe-it-or-not-Mutant-Fish tank, it looks like this...

There are two of these. The other one is a very rare albino version that is supposedly worth some money.

Then there's the Pacu fish. He's probably over a foot long and weighs a few pounds at least. He's a cousin of the piranha, but a kinder, friendlier, vegetarian version. (You can also see the plecostomus in the lower right corner in these first two pictures)


Lemonchicky said...

Why do I think your boyfriend has more fish than he does fishtank?

That thing is like a hubcap with fins!

Mercy's Maid said...

I know! My jaw dropped when I first saw it. Makes me want to go fishing!

Pamela said...

men use BIG fish as an excuse to get a bigger tankfroh