Thursday, March 06, 2008

Holy Muscle Aches, Batman!

If any of you ever hear and/or read the words "I think I'll to go PiYo tonight" coming from me, please do all you can to intervene and change my mind.

I don't think I've ever been so sore in so many places in my entire life. Even my throat muscles are sore. I didn't even know I had throat muscles.

The piyo instructor said that if you drink Pedialite after a workout, you'll never get sore. Has anyone ever tried that? I should have picked some up when I went to the store yesterday. I hear it comes in popsicle form. I like popsicles.

Today's soreness isn't as bad as yesterday, though. Which is good since tonight is a running night and I'm destined to be sore from that come tomorrow!

It's almost like I hate myself.

In happier news, I have finally gathered all my tax stuff up and am ready to send it off to my CPA. I couldn't find one of my charitible giving slips (the one from Goodwill), and I can't imagine that I would have thrown it away, but I've looked all over the place and it's nowhere to be found. I'll just send all my junk in without it. I'm sure it doesn't make that big of a difference anyway and I'm just ready to have this stuff out of my hair.

In other (also happy) news, the forecast calls for snow again tonight. Snow twice in one week--is it the end of the world?

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Lemonchicky said...

Oh yeah, we're running Batman!!!