Tuesday, January 29, 2008

These Sunglasses are SO Not Me

No pictures. Sorry, Jerra! I'm a tease, I know. I think they're made out of plastic coated cardboard or something. And they don't fit properly, so they kind of float above my nose.

I noticed last night that the halos I see around lights make life look a little like a Van Gogh painting. It's kind of...neat...in an I-hope-it's-temporary kind of way.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that.

I am so ready to go home today.

I started sewing project #3 last night--well, really I just started messing with the fabrics and trying to figure out the best way to put everything together.

Then when I was still asleep this morning (it was very odd--like a dream, but not), I figured out an easier way to do things and what to name my project, so I had to try it out before work this morning. My first attempt is messy (as is usual with my first attempt of anything!), but I think it's durable and that's what I was most concerned about at this point. I still have to fine tune a few details, but when I finish, I'll post a picture here. Maybe.

I'm glad my friends love me even when I give them my imperfect best. *muah*

But more on that later. As previously stated, I'm a tease.

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