Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My First Busy Bag!

If you've never seen these before, they're little beanbags filled with plastic pellets (similar to what's inside beanie babies) and tiny toys. There's a clear window in the middle so you can manipulate the bag and make different toys come up through the pellet filler and show up in the window.

Mine is made out of flannel and has a laminated list of hidden treasures attached with a ribbon.

I made this one fairly small (maybe 5X5) with only 15 objects and less filler so it would be easier for a smaller kid to play with--the more filler, the harder it is to find the toys inside.

Oh! And I signed up for an Etsy id yesterday (so I could buy something), so maybe one day I'll be good enough at sewing to actually sell something. If it comes to that, I'll advertise my wares here.


Lisa said...

I've been thinking about making those, but could never think of what to make the window out of.

Roz said...

Neat :) You are being creative and crafty. Looks like fun. Are you making it for your new nephew? Oh I forgot to ask you how your surgery went. It is neat that you will not have to wear glasses anymore. :) I am "studying" for a tech prod test tomorrow. Talk to you later. Love ya, Roz

Mercy's Maid said...

Lisa--I used the clear, flexible plastic that is used to make covers for patio furniture and stuff like that.

Roz--No, he's still a little young yet.

Lisa said...

re: your question on my blog..
Go to Your Etsy, and then at the very bottom Etsy Mini.