Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wooooooooo, Scaaaaaaaaaaary!

Happy Halloween!

Today we had a costume contest at work. I was very surprised by some of the costumes.

There was a very nice Roaming Gnome, Flava Flav, and one guy dressed up like another guy that works here.

But then there were the "surprising" costumes. Like the lady who dressed up like a naughty eskimo. And the other chick who dressed up as Little Bo Peep. Consequently, Little Bo Peep was sexually harrassed by a clown during the judging of the costumes. And we've all been harrassed by his constant honking of a bicycle horn today.

It's no wonder that he took home the title for "Scariest Costume" --there's really nothing unscary about clowns, when you think about it.

I wanted to dress up as the invisible girl and just not show up today, but since I didn't show up yesterday, I thought better of it.


Scribbit said...

Then there was the lady in front of me in line at Costco. I couldn't tell if it was a costume or if that was just her. She was about 55 or 60, petite, with a black miniskirt and wild black and white striped opaque tights, platform heels, a black fur bolero and a streaked with white stiff black pageboy cut. Oh, and the perfume. Enough to choke a horse. I think it was a costume . . .

Pamela said...

we had an adult woman dressed as a devil with her face painted red come in to our office for the kiddies downtown trick-or-treat time.

I gave her candy - one piece. I didn't know if she was for real.

elaine said...

You're right, I wouldn't have wanted to be there that day - seeing how there was a hideous clown roaming around. The guy dressing up as the coworker is a neat idea lol.