Saturday, October 27, 2007

And My Hero of the Week Is...

Kevin! Congratulations, Kevin! You've won the fabulous prize of...having to continue to put up with me! Let's give Kevin a hand.

Anyhoo, yesterday when I returned from the Winter Olympics (my team took the Bronze, thank you very much!), I decided to take the roof off the dog house, clean it out a little bit, and put some straw in it.

I knew full well that I would not like what I found when I took it apart. I haven't cleaned it out since last fall. You may recall that I'm perpetually stalked by spiders who want to devour me in my sleep. When I opened up the dog house, I found that it is now apparently the official breeding grounds for Black Widows in North America. I squealed, I cursed, I yelled, I spoke a little German (Mein Gott im Himmel!). This was not a good situation for me. Know what made it worse? I went in the house to call 911...just kidding, I just went in to find my phone. And when I came back out, one of the big ones was missing. He's probably living in my hair now or something. Disgusting.

I'm just beside myself even now. I even found one of the baby ones in my kitchen. He was dead, thank goodness.

I really don't want to put pesticide in their dog house, but I have no reason to believe that the little demon spawn spiders won't find their way back to it when I put it back together.

Anybody know of any natural Black Widow repellent or killer?

Years have been shaved off my life. Years.


Pamela said...

we buy moth repellent for our cupboards from "gardens alive"

That would be where I would look first.

Pamela said...

but, if they don't live in the dog house maybe they'll head in to yours???

amy said...

Glad your hubby took care of it!!!

Mercy's Maid said...

Oh, Gosh! Don't call him my hubby. He'll have a stroke! :)