Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TT #23: 13 Great Harry Potter Characters.

Warning- Mild spoilers ahead! Enter at your own risk!

These aren't in any particular order because every time I try to pin down who my favorite character is, another one comes to mind.

1. Dobby. Even before the last book, I loved his character. I like all of the house elves, but he was so unique and sweet.

2. Kreacher. I know he was mean and all that (although, we start to see a different side of him in book 7), but he always provided comic relief.

3. Molly. The main thing I associate with Molly is love. She loves her family, and she takes Harry in as if he's her 8th child.

4. Hagrid. His preoccupation with "strays" reminds me of myself.

5. Peeves. He was great comic relief too. And he really came in handy in the last book, didn't he?

6. Professor McGonnagal. She was always trustworthy and fair. I think they casted her really well in the movie too.

7. Snape. The guy I loved to hate. I had hoped he would turn out to be good in the end.

8. Dumbledore. How could you not like him? I especially loved the scene where Harry got to see his memories in the pensieve.

9. Winky. I guess I have a thing for house elves, huh? Drunken elves are funny.

10. Luna. I loved her quirkiness and her sense of loyalty.

11. Hermione. She makes it OK to be a nerd. It's refreshing to see a heroine in a major book series.

12. Fawkes. The idea of having a pet that sets himself of fire periodically sounds like fun. :)

13. Mrs. Black's Portrait. This goes along with Kreacher. Sure, she was foul, but the idea of a painting yelling at the guests in the house and insulting them is brilliant.

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Lisa said...

Nice list. I'm so sad it's all over!

My list is up too.

Can I ask if you have some script running on your blog? Your blog, and only yours, freezes my work computer every single time. This is why I never comment on yours, cause I can't ever open it. :(

Lisa said...

It is still slower to load than a lot of others, but does not freeze the entire machine up like it did before.

At home I was always ok, but I might be known to blog on company time.

*looks innocent*

Thanks for checking, cause I like to read your thoughts!

Amelia June said...

Aw, I love Hagrid too, and Dobby (though my husband always complains he's too much like JarJar, LOL)

Great list :)

Mallory said...

I love your list! I feel about the characters the way I feel about my kids: I love them all equally, but for different reasons. Some I love to hate, like Umbridge and Rita Skeeter. Didn't you want to see something rotten happen to those two?

Mercy's Maid said...


They should have squashed Rita Skeeter when she turned into a bug that time.

I wonder if Umbridge felt "lighter" after the locket was stolen from her. It doesn't really say, does it?

Cordia Amant said...

The twins and Peeves were my favorite for comic relief, though Ron wasn't too far behind.

Amy The Black said...

Great list. Perhaps I should do one about the characters that I hate. Umbridge is Undesirable Number One.

elaine said...

Fred and George didn't make your list! Awe man, they are my ultimate faves! I liked Neville too. He got his glory in the end!Maybe it's just me (which I think it is) but I was never really a fan of Dobby. He kinda got on my nerves >.> But Kreacher was awesome!

Mercy's Maid said...

Elaine-- I liked Fred and George, but not in a really overwhelming kind of way. They were always entertaining, but I didn't feel any connection with them.

You're not the only one I've heard say that Dobby got on their nerves.

I think I was just fascinated with him because he broke the mold elf-wise.

Mercy's Maid said...

Oh, and I liked Neville too! She really did him justice with the way she wrote him in the 7th book.

The Crux said...

Having been on Mars for much of the last decade, I just bought the first Potter book last week. My co-blogger Damozel, however, went to the Potter party and read the final book in a day. She did a review at Buck Naked Politics.