Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Yes that Is Skim Milk on my Cooookie Crisp!

I decided to bring some cereal from home to work for breakfast. When I got here, I went downstairs to our food kiosk and asked for some milk. The cashier, Homero, asked, "Skim milk, or?" I said, "Do you have something beside skim milk?" He said, "No. Just skim milk." Well OK then! Skim milk it is!

Homero is the guy who when asked what a certain food item was one day replied with, "Barbeque donkey." He's not so big on the English.

Anyway, I'm eating Coooooooooookie Crisp with skim milk. How's that for some irony? And actually, it's generic Coooooooooookie Crisp, so it's called Captain Chipper or something like that.


Pamela said...

barbecue donkey??? heeeeee hawwww

Lulu said...

Hmm...I'd be questioning the source of the skim milk. Can you get milk from a donkey?