Saturday, May 05, 2007

Turtle Rescue 911

Look what I rescued today! This fella was crossing the road and I felt bad for him, so I stopped the car and picked him up. I'm sure the people behind me thought I was crazy, but it's rare to find a turtle that's this big and I didn't want him to get squished. Plus, I saw this thing on the news the other night that said they're trying to get an idea of what the Box Turtle population is because they're afraid that the population might be in decline and apparently the gestation period of a turtle is really long, so if they are in decline, it would take a long time to bolster the numbers.

He wasn't far from Kevin's house, so we drove him to Kevin's and let him go in the back yard. As of right now, he's still just kind of hanging out and looking around. Hopefully he'll find his way into the woods and have a happy life.

ETA: Duh! This guy isn't a Box Turtle at all. He's a Red Eared Slider. But anyway, at least I've brought awareness to the Box Turtle observation effort.


amy said...

Very cool pic and good for you for helping that little guy!

jasonandjennyt said...

Aww...cute! I had a little turtle once. He died young though. :(